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Riyadh, 11623
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel:  +966 11 479 4147
Fax: +966 11 476 6259

Email: info@sails.net

The Sails Advantage

Advantages of Translation Services

  • Production of high quality, technically oriented translated material to meet clients need, for orientation purposes and presentations
  • Use a "Check & Balance" system to audit the translated material in terms of accuracy, precision, adequacy, completeness, checking for redundancy and faulty translation
  • Delivery of automated text and graphics integrated materials in accordance with project requirements and specifications
  • Provision of cost effective, accurate, complete and efficient documentation and training materials
  • Committed to excellence and adherence to standard Saudi Arabian Colloquial or Modern Arabic and Technical terminologies.
  • Provision of excellent library facilities for automated (electronic) and hard copy (printed material) files for review and revision purposes
  • Use of a desktop publishing system to provide clients with camera ready masters for publication and production
  • Unique in-house training capabilities for Saudis in the Translation field

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